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by.....Martha Chiodi, M.Ed.


Learning Disability Teacher

Certified MSL-Orton-Gillingham

Director, Instructor, & Master Teacher

Author of 'Fingertip Books™


Because students become empowered by their learning to read which in turn empowers the teacher to continue teaching


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What a thrill for students, parents, teachers when.......

• a child gets 'lost' in a book

• a student is giggling to himself about something he has read

• a child chooses to take a book on vacation

• a child is curled up in a corner of a sailboat reading

(Just like her sister who had been doing this for years.)

• when a child gets a big book from the library, not to impress his classmates, but because he can actually read the book

All of the above happened in my classroom.....and much, much more!!!


Teachers tell me they don't have time to plan lessons, so it's reassuring to know that they have access to such professional, well developed material in teaching phonics and reading.  More and more I hear how teachers love the simplicity of the books!!!

As one student put it, "You helped me feel like a real person and that made me come out ot the shadows and make me the person that I am now."

Fingertip Books™ are thorough and easy to use!!!!


The New Book is Available Now!!!

This book is intended to be a handy reference tool for teachers in order to impact the learning of their students. It is practical and easy to use, filled with tips, techniques and teaching tools.

It concentrates on the phonics part of reading. There is information and actual lesson plans to implement certain lessons. Many lesson plans and student sheets can be copied.

It is hoped that this book:

•pays tribute to the genius of Dr. Samuel T. Orton,

• helps teachers refine their teaching skills  in this type of teaching phonics,

•and will empower teachers and ultimately benefit their students!!!

It contains Samples of student's work to show the effects of this type of teaching.