Other Materials from Fingertip Books™


Activity Sheets

 Fingertip Books has Activity Sheets which accompany the Beginning Level. These sheets can be used with Level One also.

Students make words with the scrambled letters.

Activity Sheets

 The Activity Sheets provide students with independent activities which reinforce the material taught in the corresponding lesson. The Activity sheets accompany the lessons in the Beginning Level Book. Each sheet follows a particular lesson. This lesson is indicated at the bottom of the sheet. The sheets can be used as class work or as homework. The sheets contain a variety of formats including:   Word Choice, Word Scramble, Yes and No, Draw, and Draw and Tell.  They are intended to provide the student with more practice with the material already learned. There are 117 Activity Sheets. 

Activity Sheets (con't)

Drawing Activity Sheets

It's important that students learn to draw. Many can not write well to express themsevles....they can draw.  Some need to be taught how to draw.


Spelling Sheets


Beginning Level

 Spelling Sheets: Beginning Level Spelling Lessons:  The suggested grade levels for Beginning Level Spelling Lessons are one through three. They are not limited to these grades. They can be used with any appropriate level. There are five to eight words on each sheet. There are 80 Lessons. 


Level One Spelling Set 1

 Level One Spelling Lessons Set 1:  The suggested grade levels for Spelling Lessons Set 1 are third or fourth grades. There are eight to nine words on each page.   There are 55 Lessons. Level One Spelling Lessons Set 2:  The suggested grade levels for Spelling Lessons Set 2 are third to fifth grades.  There are ten to eleven words on most sheets. There are 56 Lessons 


Level One Spelling Set 2

This is the material that Fingertip Books has to offer as group work and as individual work. Set 1 and Set 2 of Level One cover much of the same material. Set 2 uses more advanced words and has more words per lesson than does Set 1. Each page of all the books is marked in the lower right hand corner with the lesson it should follow. A spelling lesson does not follow each lesson in the Student Book. It is best if a span of two - four weeks be allotted between the learning of the skill lesson and the use of the Spelling Lesson. This will enable the students to secure the sound or concept taught; thus enabling them to have more success in the spelling.  This can be done in with regular ed students or special education students.