Free Downloads

Free Alphabet Cards to Download

 The cards follow the lessons in each of the books.  It is helpful to print the Beginning Level on yellow card stock because the Beginning Level Book is yellow.  A separate deck is needed for each group.  To keep the decks from getting mixed up, numbers - 1, 2, 3 can be written on the cards in each deck.   

Level Once cards could be printed on blue card stock because the books are Blue.

Card Deck for Beginning Level. Size is 3X5. Best to copy on card stock. (pdf)


Card Deck for Level One. Size is 3X5. Best to copy on b;ue card stock. (pdf)


Visuals for the Lesson

The 1st  visual gives the steps to follow  in the lesson.  The 2nd half gives guidelines to follow in introducing a new phonogram.  These cards can be used as cue cards during the lesson.

This  visual can be used as a behavioral chart to use while teaching,

Downloads in the sample section

Sample lessons from the books can be dowloaded from the Sample Section of this website.

Files coming soon.